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No Cost Energy Savings Products

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*Checkups take on average less than 45 minutes. This program, also referred to as a “Home Energy Audit” is available to you at No Cost as the costs for the Home Energy Checkup are covered through the monthly EmPOWER Maryland surcharge.

Roger is one of the region’s leading Home Energy Consultants, having completed over 3,300 Checkups since 2009.

“Check-up went well. Several things were discovered that I could easily do to be more energy efficient. The hour spent was worth the knowledge I gained. I would recommend everyone do it.”
— Fr. Chris Moore

“Excellent. Roger installed new white light fluorescent bulbs, gave nice tips on caulking and sealing windows spot that I had missed and furnished other energy saving tips. Excellent service that should be used by any energy saving consumer.”
— Leo Byrnes

“Roger did a professional job of informing us of solutions to common problems. He was prompt and efficient.”
— Cindy & Nelson Reeder